How we work

We are here to assist you in making the best choice possible, to enable us to do this we:

  1. Take out time to understand your requirements
  2. Match you up with suitable candidates for you to choose from. (We will not bombard you with cv’s).
  3. The next step is for you to interview the prospect placement. We offer interview questions and help in highlighting the strengths of each candidate. You can conduct the interview either over the phone, skype, in your home or a public place like a Coffee shop.
  4. We will help you draft up a contract to avoid any detail being missed off if you require assistance in this area.
  5. carry out a follow up to find out how the candidate is settling in and also  speak with the Client to ensure that there are no issues. If there are issues we will be there to give all the support necessary. We try as much as possible to find a way of resolving any issues.
  6. the identity of each prospective placement is checked against their license, passport or birth certificate
  7. encourage all our nannies and housekeepers to have a first aid certificate. Endeavor to have a face to face interview with candidates where possible.
  8. an optional one hour post-placement consultation with the nanny in the family home.

We will only put forward an employee that we consider to suit your specification the most. Your confidentiality will always be taken into consideration.

You will be provided with a detailed C.V and references of the employee you are about to consider. We liaise between the client and the prospective employee.

To give you even more peace of mind we will provide you with their references to double check where required.