Terms of Business


The “Agency” refers to sensitive touch Nannies which is acting as an Employment Agency.

The “Applicant” refers to a nanny, mother’s help, night nurse, pa, tutor, housekeeper and or babysitter who engages the Agency to seek a position with a family.

The “Client” refers to a family, employer, whom engages the Agency to seek a nanny, mothers help, night nurse, pa, tutor, housekeeper or babysitter for an agreed fee.

Sensitive Touch Nannies is acting as an Employment Agency and will endeavour to find you suitable work as listed above…

A. These terms and conditions apply to and govern all contracts or agreements made Between the Applicant and the Agency, and are deemed accepted upon completion of the Registration form.

B. The Applicant must provide the Agency with all the information it requires which must be: True, Complete and provided as soon as requested.

C. The Applicant must notify the Agency immediately engagement between the Applicant and a Client is made, whether this engagement is verbal, written or in person. The Applicant must inform the Agency of interviews arranged between themselves and Clients.

D. The Applicant must Upon acceptance of a position with a Client employer agree to abide by all reasonable rules and duties laid down by the Client (The employer). You must also act responsibly, honest and fair whilst under the employment of the Client and do everything possible to perform as best as they can while performing the role with the family.

E. The applicant will acknowledge that all information passed between the Agency and the Applicant regarding potential Clients and other Applicants are strictly confidential and will not pass this information onto any third parties without the consent of the Agency.

F. The Applicant will give permission to the Agency to advertise their personal details whilst seeking a suitable position for them. This may either be verbal or written and may include contact details.

G. Applicants will inform Sensitive Touch Nannies immediately if there are any changes in their employment status with the Client.

H. Whilst every endeavour is made to ensure the suitability of any Client introduced to the Applicant, it is the sole responsibility of the Applicant to determine the suitability of the Client. Sensitive Touch Nannies does not act as the employer of the Applicant and accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss, damage, costs, claims or expenses, whether or not caused by negligence, made against or suffered by the Applicant arising from such an introduction.